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How Quota Points Work...

With other mailers, you earn credits by opening emails and then you use credits to mail to other members. Some mailers give you a fixed size mailing that you can add to with credits, with other mailers you have to use credits every mailing.

With MaxMailerPro, we took the most popular of those basic methods and totally rethought the concept - in a way that you're going to LOVE!

Introducing our unique QuotaPoints system. QuotaPoints are totally unique (in name and concept) to MaxMailerPro.

When you read emails, you have the choice of earning our unique QuotaPoints or regular credits. QuotaPoints have much higher mailing value than credits because they increase the size of your next mailing much faster than earning credits would. See how:

why use quotapoints

Typically, 25 emails opened a day (or less) is enough to earn full quota with QuotaPoints; it would take twice as many to get the same mailing power with credits.

In fact you get so much more when you decide to earn quota points you may be asking yourself...

Here's an example to make it clear:

Let's say you can mail 250 every day or 500 every 2 days or 750 every 3 days (the choice is yours) without even needing QuotaPoints or credits.

You can earn credits - 20 credits for every mail you open, each credit represents a member you can mail any time in the future. Save these credits up (no limit) and spend them to increase the size of your any future mailing - the choice is yours. They don't expire.

Or you can choose to earn, on average, double the mailing power with QuotaPoints - 40 QuotaPoint for every email opened - up to your mailing quota for the plan you've selected.

If you chose every day then the cap is 1000 QuotaPoints. If you chose every 3 days, the cap is 3000 QuotaPoints. And QuotaPoints can only be used on the next mailing (they don't expire though and you choose when that next mailing is - tomorrow or next week or next month)

If you earn more than the maximum QuotaPoints, the excess is turned into credits at higher the normal rate!

why use quotapoints

Do you see just how powerful this is?

Why would I ever choose to earn credits?

QuotaPoints have to be redeemed on your next mailing - you can't save them up. With credits, you can accumulate them in the way you're familiar with, just like other mailers (although Unlike other mailers, ALL members can use credits to increase the size of a mailing up to the whole membership size!

And there is a limit to the number of QuotaPoints you can earn towards your next mailing - but don't worry; if you earn the maximum for a given mailing, any further earnings translate into credits (and at a better rate than just earning credits)

And here's why you should earn QuotaPoints:

By earning QuotaPoints, not only do you increase the size of your next mailing way faster than you could with credits, you can even earn credits faster too!

If you earn your maximum QuotaPoints, you earn 50% more credits for any futher emails opened!

Don't get us wrong - credits are great. Credits are bankable - save them for a rainy day.

But if you want to mail as many as possible, as often as possible, QuotaPoints are the way to do it!

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