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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is that science which studies the different ways of promoting a business online through email addresses. Some skeptics claim that this type of marketing is already dead and therefore does not deserve anymore attention from investors. However, we tend to disagree. For as long as people still check their email, this promotional strategy is alive and kicking!

In terms of marketing through email, things are quite simple. The online service is available to everyone who wans to have a long lasting relationship with their clients. In this regard, the best way to maintain and preserve these relationships is through email addresses and social media.

In order to market to someone through email you have to first get their permission. Though if you look in your inbox not everyone follows those rules. We here at Max Mailer Pro do not condone SPAM in any way and know there are much better ways of aproaching email marketing.

We get that permission for you and all members agree to receive your emails. If at any time any one wants to stop receiving these emails we promptly remove them from our mailings, which leaves only active members that are expecting to get your emails sent to them.

This eliminates the need for you to go out and build a subscriber base before you can start sending your email advertisiments. We do recomend that you use squeeze pages in your advertisments to get our members on your list for best results but it is not required and many members are having great success sending links to paid products in their mailings.

Email marketing has many benefits:

  • First, the low cost - when compared to other communication options, even with direct mail, email marketing can still be regarded as low cost

  • Sales support - such type of marketing strategy is complementary, and does not replace other marketing activities but supports them.

  • Relevance - the more information you get from your audience, the more relevant you can communicate and give detailed segmentation according to the individual needs of each subscriber.

  • Quickness - you can send a message quickly to a huge database of users.

  • Measurable results - email marketing allows you to improve your performance after the first campaign, because you can see the rate of opened emails, how many clicks were given on each link, plus who opened them and at which times.

  • Viral - you have the possibility to integrate social media tools and you can encourage subscribers to forward your emails.

  • Easy to test - the ability to test two or more versions of the content, design or subject lines on a small portion of your database before sending them to your entire audience.

  • Relationships - at last but not least, email marketing allows you to build long-term relationships, since you show that you are attentive and very involved with every email that you send.

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