Email Marketing

Email has long been one of the most effictive marketing methods online

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Viral Email Marketing

Take your email marketing efforts viral and leverage the power of others

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Quota Points

Our unique quota points system will have you earning more... faster.

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Complete Control

You know what works for you so we have designed the site to give you control...

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You're In Control

You know what works for you, so we have designed the site to give you control over how it works for you.

We donít believe that any two members are the same, so why should you be forced to use the site the same way as everyone else?

Perhaps you would like to mail more often, or maybe you only have enough time to really use the site once a week, or maybe you fall somewhere in between. That is why we let you choose how often you want to mail, regardless of your member level.

Invest Mode

But we didnít just stop there. We also let you decide how you want to obtain credits for mailing and so we also have:3 'earn modes' for earning from opening emails.

You change between these on-the-fly when you open emails.

In QuotaPoints mode you earn ...yep...QuotaPoints. You can switch to credits mode to earn just credits or you can switch to invest mode.

In invest mode, you earn QuotaPoints and credits simultaneously.

You can change the percentage of QuotaPoints (and hence credits) to save in invest mode. That way, you can earn QuotaPoints and still ensure you're accumulating credits.

There is no wrong way to use the site only the way that works best for you, the member, and we will continue to work and bring you new features that allow you to get the results that you want You're In Control!

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