Privacy Policy

MaxMailerPro Privacy Policy.

We take your privacy very seriously and the following Privacy statement details the practices and policies of (us) in respect of our relationship with the member (you) and your sponsor. The term sponsor refers to the MaxMailerPro member that introduced (referred) you to the site.

This policy will be reviewed periodically as part of our commitment to your privacy.

MaxMailerPro may collect and hold certain information about you. This includes personal information such as your email address, your paypal address and other information deemed necessary for maintaining your account with us. We also need to hold your usernames/IDs for various 3rd party websites.

This information will never be given, sold or rented to any unconnected 3rd party without prior consent.

You chose a password when you created your account. This passowrd should be known only to you and must not be shared with any other person for the purpose of them accessing MaxMailerPro. Your password can be changed at any time by you. Passwords are only stored in encrypted form so we, nor anybody that might attempt to illegally access our database will veer be able to discover your password. We will never ask you for your password.

Facilities are provided for premium members to be able to contact their direct referrals directly through the site (display a message). As a free member you cannot opt out of this. However you can report a message as being offensive or of a suspicious / illegal nature. These messages will then be reviewed by the MaxMailerPro administrators and appropriate action taken if necessary. The administrators' decision will be final. The only way to opt out of seeing this message is to either upgrade and opt out or to cancel your account.

Your sponsor can also obtain your registered email address, as you can by default with your referrals. Members are discouraged from spamming their referrals but as there is an implicit relationship between a member and their sponsor, occassional communication about business opportunities would normally be considered acceptable and not spamming. If you don't wish to receive further communication directly to your email account from your sponsor then email him/her and tell them. MaxMailerPro cannot unfortunately intervene in matters of direct emails between a member and their sponsor.

MaxMailerPro also collects information of a statistical nature about the activity of members for various purposes e.g. site improvement, providing useful feedback to you and to your sponsor and for spotting fraudulent behaviour. This might include but is not necessarily limited to: IP address, last logged in time, how many times members' pages are displayed in various programs, last surfed date.

Any of this data may be used in aggregate by us for any purpose as this data does not personally identify you.

Moreover, some identifiable information may be made available to your sponsor for the purpose of allowing them to manage their MaxMailerPro business better.

You may opt out from making this information available to your sponsor but note that opting out will also prevent you from accessing the same information about your referrals. To prevent unfair misuse, if you opt out you will not be able to opt back in for 7 days.

MaxMailerPro may need to store cookies on your computer to remember settings for your MaxMailerPro preferences. You are not obliged to accept cookies but some (non-important) settings may not be remembered between logins.

MaxMailerPro necessarily serves as a central point for access to various 3rd party websites. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies, terms of service, content or actions of those 3rd party sites.

No financially sensitive data about you is collected or held by MaxMailerPro. Payments are made through a 3rd party payment processor and responsibility for your financial data rests between them and you.

MaxMailerPro needs to send members information related to the MaxMailerPro service. We will also occasionally send out other information deemed to be potentially useful to members including product recommendations on which we may or may not make commission.

There is no opt out from these emails other than by cancelling your account. This can be done through the back office or by emailing See terms of service about cancelling your account.