Effective Subject Lines

Your conversion begins with your subject line. An interesting subject line that creates curiosity will set the mood of the email and get more readers.

It/' true that with using viral mailers or safelists that even poor subject lines will still get opened.

But they will get opened less, and the resulting click will be less effective.

The sales process starts from the moment someone see/'s your subject line. If your subject line intrigued them then they are going to be more perceptive to the message.

If the message is equally good than the person clicking on your link is going to be exponentially interested in the page you are showing them.

It is common for people to dismiss all but one aspect of mailing. They say the subject and email don/'t matter as long as the page converts.

Others will say its all about the subject line, or all about the email, but the truth is they are all equal parts and should work together.

If you made a cake and used sub-par ingredients, the cake will suffer, sure you will have a cake, but it wonít be as good as it could have been.

On your next mailing take a little bit of extra time and make sure you have all the best ingredients and see how much better your results are.

Keep It Simple

The most effective emails I have sent have all been simple, short and to the point. Also when click on ads the ones I pay the most attention to follow those same guidelines.

If you are passionate about what you are promoting it can be easy to get carried away and try to write everything you can into your email. Unfortunately a lot of that extra time and effort you put in can be hurting your results.

Recently I have seen people recommending the use of splash pages as their landing page in safelists and mailers, but I have found that I actually get better results when I use the direct sales page.

I would of course recommend instead you use a squeeze page and build your list instead, but either way a shorter email will help you out.

You should view your email as the splash page.

This is your opportunity to point out the benefits of the site you are offering so the person clicking the link will know what to look for on the page.

When other members are reading your mails and clicking your links they are most likely going to be reading several others as well. If each mail is 500 or 750 words long then they will most likely just skim them at best or even just skip past them all together.

Instead if you have a very short email that the member can read in a few seconds then they will take it all in before clicking the link and adding to the effectiveness of your sales page you are promoting.

Grab a couple of bullet points about what it is your promoting and let the reader know why you think they should join your site, but keep it short and keep it simple and you will see better results.

Less is More

Adding more links in your email does not increase the amount of clicks you will get. In fact it will have the opposite effect and here is why.

Before I continue let me clarify, it is ok to put more than one of the same link in an email. Especially if you are using a longer email, then I would recommend using the #CREDITLINK# Macro every couple of line breaks to give the reader the choice between clicking now or to continue reading.

What I am referring to is pasting in a list of 5, 10, or even more affiliate links and hitting send.

The number one reason this is going to be less effective for you is that less people are going to see it. Too many links in an email will trigger ever spam filter in the world. We work hard at making sure most of our emails get delivered to inboxes for all members but there is nothing we can do if your email triggers several spam filters.

Where we work to make sure our emails are delivered, there are a lot of sites out there that donít and every time you paste one of their links in an email itís one more point against your emails spam score and that much more likely it wonít get to the inbox instead of spam folder.

If you are using the #creditlink# Macro in your email the only links in the email are MaxMailerPro links and we can make sure those are hitting your inbox.. we have absolutely no control over any one elseís domains ability to get delivered.

If you are like me and when you set up filters for different mailers, you also select ďnever send to spamĒ then you will still get even the spammiest of emails,( but there will be a big yellow bar at the top to let you know the only reason you got this email is because you said to let them through ) but even then not all members do this so not all will get your email.

Then on top of less people actually seeing your mail you run into the next issue which is - Members donít like it!

Every time someone sends out an email like the one I mentioned with a ton of links in it, there are several people reporting it, and making a complaint. So instead of taking the time to click on your links and check out any of your offers instead they are just hitting the report button and filing a complaint.

So by jamming as many links as you have into the email in hopes that someone will click more than one, or will find one they like more than the others, you have actually hurt your results dramatically.

Less people will see it , and even less of those that do get it will actually click on any of the links. So instead of getting the Max out of your one link you are getting the minimum on several links. Which means you would have to send that many more emails just to get the same amount of eyes on your pages.

Instead I would recommend promoting just one primary site or program or better yet promote your own list first, and then you can recommend as many of these other sites you want to on the backend to either your downline members or your own list.

Your results will be better, your business will grow faster, and you are getting the Max return for your time when you use Max Mailer Pro

The Squeeky Wheel Gets Greased

If you have been shopping at a grocery store you know how great a feeling it is when you find the perfect cart, it goes straight doesn't bounce or jitter it just works like itís supposed to.

Unfortunately they all donít just work all the time, like you would expect. In fact most of the time there is some little flaw or something thatís not exactly right about it.

If you go stand by the carts the next time you are the store you will see people walk away, say man I wish they would fix these things, and either leave it to get a new one or continue using it but grumbling about it the whole way.

Itís not until a cart is completely trashed or unusable that any one will point it out to the store clerk and say that it needs fixed.

And thatís when it gets fixed.

The point being that if the store clerk doesnít know there is a problem with the shopping cart then he doesnít know to fix it.
They are busy with other aspects of the store fixing problems that others have pointed out so may have not looked at the carts for a while and assumed they were all in tip top shop since no one had mentioned them.

We do our best to keep on top of everything and make sure everything is working as it should but sometimes we might miss something, and if it isnít squeaking we donít know it needs grease.

If you encounter anything that you believe could or should be working better than it currently is, please let us know. Chances are the reason we didnít fix it is because we didnít know it was broke and we like to reward those that bring these things to our attention.


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