Max Mailer Pro FAQs

How Do I Earn Credits?

To earn credits, look for e-mails sent by other Max Mailer Pro members. At the bottom of each message, you should see a link that you can click on to earn credits.

The emails will be sent to the email address that you registered with us. They will be from "Max Mailer Pro" from the email address

Open the email message and find where it says "Click This Link To Earn Credits". Click the link immediately following that line of text. A new page or tab will open that shows you the website being advertised. At the top of the page is a timer. At the end of 10 seconds, you will be shown a series of icons. Simply click the icon that matches the one on the far left. You will then earn credits to send your own emails to other members.

How Do I Receive Quota Points?

There are 3 earning modes for reading Max Mailer Pro emails:

  • Credits (credits only)
  • QuotaPoints (Quotapoints only)
  • Invest (both credits and Quotapoints)

You can change your earning mode at anytime whenever you open an email from Max Mailer Pro.

This video shows you how that works: (starting at 1:42 on the time bar)

Basically, on the next email credit link that you open from Max Mailer Pro, please go to the bottom of the viewing window first, and click the red MODE button.

You will see a pop up that will tell you what mode you are now in, and exactly what you will earn with each correct click.

Each time you click the MODE button, you are changing what you are earning for clicking the matching icon.

Keep clicking the MODE button until you are in the earning mode that you prefer. THEN go click on the matching icon to earn your reward. DO NOT click the mode button again, or you will change your earning mode.

Why Did You Not Send All Mails?

When emails are sent through our server, the script counts how many messages are actually delivered, and you are charged only for the actual number delivered. You are not charged credits for bounced messages.

We do our best to make sure that our server can deliver the large load of email messages, but we cannot fully control the final acceptance of the message on the receiving end.

Please rest assured that your credits are used only for messages that are actually received by other members.

What are the different
membership levels?

You can compare the different membership levels in the tabel below.

Member Level Free Gold
Mail Every You Choose You Choose
Mail How Many You Choose You Choose
Monthly QuotaPoints* 0 15000
Mail With Max QuotaPoints 7500 120000
QuotaPoints Per Email 10 160
Credits Per Email 5 80
Monthly Credits 150 2500
Monthly 0 1000
Monthly text ads 0 1000
Commissions 10% 40%
Referral Credits Lvl 1 5% 20%
Referral Credits Lvl 2 2% 10%
Allow scheduled mailings No Yes
Max Scheduled days N/A 7 Days
VMP Automation No Yes

Why Am I Getting Wrong Image Clicked Error?

The most common cause of wrong icon clicks is a problem with the display settings on your computer.

Please check the following on your computer:

If you are using IE, please check in the bottom right corner of the window that the little magnifying glass says "100%" If it doesn't, click the little arrow next to it and choose 100%.

If you are using Firefox, go to "View" at the top of the browser window, choose "Zoom" from the drop down menu, and then click "Reset"

If you are using Chrome, click on the wrench icon in the very top right corner of the browser window. Set the "Zoom" to 100%.

Once you have corrected the display setting in your browser, the problem with wrong icon click errors should be eliminated.

How Do I Use Credits

Your earned credits and QuotaPoints are used to mail your offers to other members.

Simply click on the "Send Mailing" button on the left side of the members area and follow the directions on that page. Basically, you write the message, and we take care of mailing it to the other members for you.

You can choose how often you can send messages to other members by clicking on the "view/change your mailing plan" link at the top of the Send Mailing page.

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